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user login fail & default table

by webnova / November 27, 2014, 10:14 pm

I have two questions: 
1. I installed databased using a root access account, and it ran well. Then I tried to create a group with restricted permissions, and create a user belongs to that group. That user just can't login. I got the error message as below: 

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 338

2. How can I change the order of the tables? When a user login, it always by default open the same table. What's the rule regarding this default table? can I change it?

Appreciate for your earliest response. 



Hi Bran, 

This looks like an MySQL permission issue. Your database user needs to have full ROOT access to your MySQL server. If you have created a regular MySQL user, this user won't have sufficient permissions and adding users won't work.

Regarding the order of tables, the script uses the same order as MySQL, which I'm pretty sure is alpabetical. There's currently no way of changing the order using the script, and if this is at all possible, you would probably have to use raw MySQL or phpMyAdmin.

Thanks for replying Matt.

1. I have an administrator account as "[email protected]". I tried granting the it root access to the server, then login as as administrator, then created group, created user, and login using this user, still got the same error.

2. I suspected that, but it's not in alphabetic. Pls see the attached screenshot.


Regarding the 2nd one, I just realized it's uppercase...after I changed it to eftel, it moved to the end.


1. Creating a databasse user named "[email protected]" and giving it certain permissions won't do anything or help with the issue. Please follow the original instructions outlayed in the documentation and enter the ROOT user into /application/config/database.php (no need to create any users here, just use the existing "root" user account, if you're not sure about the password belonging to this account, please contact your hostign provider).

Hi Matt, the account used in /application/config/database.php to connect to the database is already a root permission user. I even actually put "ROOT" in, but to no avail.


Users etc created before you switched to the "root" user will still be faulty (as they were created without the proper permissions). You'll want to make sure you basically start your installation of Databased from scratch, or at the very least delete all the application users created before switching (this might be enough, best to give that a try first)



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