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Unable to edit databse tables

by jkneip / December 11, 2014, 11:27 pm


I really like the Databased Application Platform so far. I've followed the documentation closely in setting up the application in MAMP on my local machine. But I'm having a problem when I try to add new tables to a database. When I click on the green + icon to add a new table, the screen fades to the blue background but the modal form does not appear. This does not happen in other areas of the application where a modal form pops up in order to make edits.

Have you had anyone else have this problem with the Databased application? If you know of a solution, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jason Kneip

[email protected]


Hi Jason, 

Sorry to hear you're having some issues getting Databased up and running. Could you please shoot me an email at [email protected] (please put the ticket ID in the subject line) with the following details:

1. application URL and user/pass
2. cpanel / plesk access
3. FTP access



Hi Jason, 

Have you had a chance to send us that email yet? Or have you been able to resolve the issue by now? Thanks!