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Suggest features

by bpersechini / November 1, 2014, 9:03 am



I pruchased your item and I'm very with happy with it. I'm working on the integration of it on my website. 

I have some suggestions. I don't know if you plan to add them or not but here they are :

  • The ability to save the unfinished work to re-work on it at a leter time (a simple package that we can import into the tool would be awesome)
  • The ability to name a elements in order to make anchor links in a single page.
  • Maybe the implementation of Google Fonts
  • A way to emphasize text element (bold, italic, underline..)

If you see any workaroud for these, please let me know.

But it's already a great piece of work, thanks again


Hi there!

Thank you so much for your ideas; we'll definitely take these into condiseration when planning the next updates. Thanks man!