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Stopped working

by ACallander / July 29, 2014, 8:35 pm

I don't know whats going on but It won't send emails using my form anymore. http://www.treetop-studios.com. Let me know if you need my sent api login.


Hi there!

Please email the following to [email protected], thanks!

- API url and username/password
- FTP details

Sent! Thanks Matt.. sorry I've been such a headache lately! :)


Hehehehehe, not a problem at all! Let's see if we can get this sorted :)


HI Andrew, just had a look and I assumed you were using the API with the form on your "treetop-studios.com" site, however it appears the contact form on that site submits using Ajax? Could you please point me to the form you're trying to use with Sent? Thanks!

Sorry been busy.. umm the contact form I'm using is from bootstrap.


No problem :) 

I think you misunderstood my last question; what I meant is where is the form located? Thanks!

haha sorry..

Do you need the code of where its located?


The location please, thanks! :)

Its located on the single index.html page. Because its a single page site.

Towards the bottom.. You need me to quote the code with your name?


Hi Andrew, 

We've found the form now, thanks!

We tried a couple of times, however it appears the form does not work? When clicking the submit button, nothing seems to happen. Are you running some Javascript on the site which might block the form from submitting?

Well I fixed it.. found the javascript culpurate. The issue I have now is I'm unable to send all the data from the form. It just sends my checkbox selections under the section" What would you like to discuss? (Please select a discussion point).



Figured it out. You can close this headache of a ticket Matt. Sorry :) Thanks for all the help!!


Hehehehe, no worry Andrew. Closing this up now, if anything else comes up please feel free to open a new ticket.