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Spam – Word Filter

by allielopez / September 25, 2014, 2:11 pm

Hi!! I have a question for you. So I had to add some additional spam words and phrases to the spam filter because we were getting a few submissions that were getting past the honeypot.

Now it seems to be working fine except for one submission that is being labelled as spam due to the word filter. Except that I dont have any of the words they are using in the form on my filter. Do you know what could be happening?

Thank you!!



Hi Allie, 

Weird! Any chance you could send over some server details by email so we can have a look at your issue? Please email the following to [email protected]:

- API url and user/pass
- FTP access


Will do!!


Hi Allie, 

I just had a look at the situation, in particular the submission from Sally & David (the top entry in the spam list). This particular email contains the word “new” (newfield wedding) which is also listed in your spam word list. Should I look at some of the other submissions as well?

Ok! Hmmmm...no I think right now we will be okay. Thank you!!


Great! We'll close up this ticket for now. If anything else comes up, please feel free to re-open this ticket or create a new one.