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Social icon link and video link

by XpeedStudio / November 11, 2014, 4:18 am

hi matt,
thanks for new update :)

but i have need 2 more help.
1. for team social icon.
i am using this format
<li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></li>
but cant add link from builder.
its just display icon and style. (i dont need style for this)
if can add link from builder it will be great.

another video link editing.
today new update i saw you have add video edit option.
but can implement with my video.
i have copied your video link. and add in my elements but i can edit video link from page builder.
i hacve checked doc file. but i dont find how to add implement this video link.

please help me to solve both issue :)



Hi XpeedStudio,

Regarding the social links; we're aware of this issue and looking to release an update with a fix soon!

Regarding the video editing, you would need to use some specific markup around your Youtube or Vimeo videos. For the correct markup, please have a look at the element "content_section1" or "content_section2" (the video needs to be wrapped in a DIV with specific class name and that DIV needs to contain an additional element as well, please you'll need some styling as well, located in style-videos.css). I hope this is clear enough?

hi matt
i have copied your div from your video elements. then i saw still same.. i cant edit video link.

another issue. this builder generate unnessasary  inline css 
style="outline: none; cursor: default;"
also another  data seclector
 data-selector="White Space"



Have you updates /js/builder.js to the latest version? 

The issue with the additional inline CSS has been taken care off as well in one of the latest updates.

yes i have update with latest version.
but i have disable editableItems and editableItemOptions some settings. is this effect for video editing settings ?



Yes, it very well could. The ".frameCover" selector needs to be added to the editableItems array for videos to be editable.