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questions and few suggestions – sitebuilder lite

by dotgirish / December 10, 2014, 7:21 am

1. scroll bar on the drag & drop area is missing , after i added few elemements/blocks , but i can use down arrow to scroll (using firefox) , is it a bug ??

2. Tried to add three carousel images , but the auto movement of carousel is not happening after publishing

3. Added a content block and replaced a youtube video, once saved it miss http: and it comes as
<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/

hence video is not shown , later need to edit the html to fix this

4. any option to see the complete preview before we publish or export site would be a great option , if you don't have it already .

5. Once i edit the video (added youtube id) , and saved , later edit option for video is disappeared , its not showing again.

6. How do i make my form submit work, i am ok to edit the html , but how do i do that ? is the script available by default to send email

7. Can we have an option of cloning the saved sites , which would be very valuable so that we can use that site as a template and create sites much faster.


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1. There should be a scroll bar for the entire window, not for the drop area. We did have a bug a while ago which hid the scroll bars in certain cases, but that was sorted out several weeks ago. Are you using the latest version?

2. The carousel might be set to not auto start playing. You can verify this by checking the block's source HTML

3. Yes, this is correct and valid HTML

4. Not currently I'm afraid, but we might decide to imlpement this in the future

5. I have not been able to reproduce this issue, either with the header or content element. Can you show your version of the script with the error?

6. You can use the edit HTML source function for this (hover over the block, then click the blue button). You also might be interested in another product we're selling, aimed specifically at processing form data from static HTML sites: http://codecanyon.net/item/self-hosted-form-submit-api/7356482

7. This is also not currently possible, but something we might consider for a future update.