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Only blank pages

by phkreis / June 15, 2014, 12:10 pm


I can only see blank pages after successful installation.
No matter if I activate htaccess or not. No matter which url (setup, root).

Please tell me what to do, I need it urgently.





Hi there!

Thanks for your purchase!

There is likely a PHP error, but in the default state, errors are not displayed. To see error messages, edit index.php in the root folder and set the environment variable to "development". This should display possible error messages to the screen and give some more insight into what might be causing the problem.

No, still nothing displayed. 

As soon as a CI session is started (I see a cookie written), there's only blank.


Hmmmm, weird... Could we have a closer look at the issue? Please email the following to [email protected]

- the application URL + user/pass
- FTP access


E-Mail sent... let's hope you find something ;-)


Issue related to a missing session table; fixed by re-installing the API.