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Integration of HTML builder into my wordpress website

by spysofly / October 27, 2014, 2:41 am


awesome development!! So thanks for this first of all :)

I just have a question. I want to integrate this into my wordpress website. I believe the only option I would have is implementing it via iframe either into a page or into a modal/lightbox. I would love to have it integrated as regular page but will run into troubles because of the page height as I belive I cant set the height of an iframe to 100% and I want to avoid having to use 2 scrollbars to navigate within the page where html builder will be located…

I was wondering if you could give me a tip, what the best practice would be to implement this script into my wp theme.
Please let me know.

Thank you!!
Best regards,

I have just tried to implement and output the script in an iframe, but for some reason it always opens as full/blank window rather than in my wordpress page. 

do you know why? 


Hi Hans, 

Unfortunately, HTML Builder was not built with Wordpress integration in mind and therefor making this happen could be pretty difficult I'm afraid. 

I'm am more of a front-end developer, rather then PHP/Wordpress developer so I'm afraid I can't be of much assistance here :(

If you could show me a page where you have the Builder setup within an iframe I might be able to see if there's some CSS which you could apply to make it render properly.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. 

I dont think my issue has anything to do with wordpress itself. Please have a look at www.yahost.co.uk

On the very top of the page you will see a link which I called "Free Sitebuilder" 
Your application is actually embedded into an iframe on this page:
but instead of opening in the page as iframe, it simply somehow breaks out of it, and shows your script over the full browser window. 
I have done exactly the same thing with a standalone php script, which is right next to that link and is called "Support Login" and works without problems.

Other than that, your script works perfectly and is really wonderful :)
It would be really great though if I could somehow open it as iframe within my website. 

Any ideas? 
Thanks again... really appreciate your help

Best regards,



Hi Hans, 

Just had a look, but the sidebuilder loads fine and looks fine to me?

the builder is totally fine. but i was hoping i can get it to open within the iframe. for some reason it opens in a blank page, altough its supposed to open within my wordpress page.

the builder somehow opens in a blank window anyway. do you know why?


That's hard for me to see from here; when looking at your homepage and checking the "Site Builder" link, it's linked to "http://www.yahost.co.uk/sitebuilder/" which is simply the install of your Builder script. I don't really see how iframes are in play here...

If I would want this to open as part of a Wordpress page inside an iframe, I would create a new page template file which has nothing but an iframe with it's src pointing the the Builder script. Then create a new page using this page template and finally point your "Site Builder" link to this new page.


Thats exactly what I did. I just figured out what the problem was - the wp pagename and the name of the folder on the server for your software were the same. instead of opening my wp page with the iframe in it, it opened the folder location on the server. i changed the foldername and it worked. somehow the navigation of your software dissapears on the left side though. 
do you think there is anything i can do about that? if fixing it is too much work, i will consider to just open the iframe up in a lightbox.... 

would be great if it could somehow work though..

thanks for support!
best regards


Hi Hans, 

Just had a peak, but the navigation and entire Builder appears ok to me, pls see the screenshot here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3624455/screenshot.png


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