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Install fails

by maurolopes / October 7, 2014, 12:14 am

My problem is that I cannot install the script. Message:

“The database could not be created, please verify your settings.”

I am at Bluehost – VPS. Please, advice.

Thanks (chat transcription with Bluehost support attached)


Hi there,

If you can confirm you have created the MySQL user, and are still getting this error, it probably means your MySQL user does not have sufficient permissions to create the required database. 

A solution would be to create the database manually, using phpMyAdmin (or any other MySQL tool). The SQL statement for the database can be found here: /install/assets/install.sql

1. create a new database for the Sent API script
2. import the SQL from /install/assets/install.sql
3. edit /application/config/database.php and put in the correct MySQL connection details
4. open your API script and use the following details to login:

u: [email protected]
p: password



Have you had any luck with the instructions above? 

No. Actually, I am having troubles trying to access PHPMyAdmin. Getting blank page trying to login. Bluehost is not helping me. A nightmare. Anyother way to install the script? 


I'm afraid not, you will need to setup the database, otherwise the API can't function. If Bluehost is not supporting you (if you can't access phpMyAdmin, this is really a hosting issue and there's not much I can do to help here), I would suggest trying a different provider. I can recommend "A Small Orange" (http://www.asmallorange.com).

Ok. It is installed and it is working.

But I have a remain question : how can I modify the page below ("Ouch!" Page), translating strings to portuguese, inserting my logo and deleting "Sent. API - The form submit API"?




Something is not right with the data you've submitted, please see the details below:

The name field is required.

The email field is required.

The message field is required.

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Sent. API - The form submit API


The error message part "Something is not right with the data you've submitted, please see the details below:" is set inside the API controller (/application/controllers/api.com).

The error details are coming from /application/language/english/form_validation_lang.php


Add how to get rid of Sent. API - The form submit API ?

And by the way, you have a /application/language/portuguese file. Portuguese is the lang I need. How do I turn it on?

And finally, I could not find this file: /application/language/english/form_validation_lang.php


Getting rid of "Sent API - The Form submit API"

Edit /application/views/alert.php

How to turn on Portugese language

Set the language variable in /application/config/config.php (keep in mind that you'll need to recreate ALL the langauge files found in /application/language/english for this to work properly)

Form validation language file


Thanks. Last question (I hope so):

How to upload my favicon, to replace Sent's favicon on the alert page?


Change the "faivon.ico" file in the /images folder