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image path in “Detail Editor” doesn’t save

by supazena / December 12, 2014, 3:28 pm


I've installed your script on local mode with a stock easyphp (win7 / Firefox / Chrome).

My trouble :

I can only choose an image from the image library. If i choose to write path of an image, nothing happen even I save.


Could you help me ?




For information, here is my config :

PHP 5.3.9
Apache 2.2.21 VC9
MySQL 5.5.20

Hi Greg, 

We just had a look and noticed the same issue with our local dev setup. We've given it some thought and we might end up completely removing the path field and only leaving the image library function.

Is there particular reason why you're using the path field instead of the image library?

Hello Matt,
wath a pity, image path a great idea and faster than using image library.
Second reason is you provide this builder with lot of interresting svg images but this file format isn't support by your image library. Finally, i cant change your sample image by another svg img.



Hi Greg, 

I hear what you're saying; however it appears a majority of our users is not using the direct path field, and rather sticking to the image library. So looking at the whole picture, for simplicity's sake, it makes sense to get rid of it. We could, however, help you keep the path field in your personal version. The only issue with this would be that everytime you'll update the script, you'll need to modify it again to maintain the path field.

Regarding the support of SVG images, there's no reason why these shouldn't work. The only thing I can imagine is that they're not an allowed upload file type, if so, you can configure this through the settings page. 

hi Matt,

Ok, I understand you; so I do not make individual change and prefer keep your stock version.
One idea about this field will be ot have the possibility to upload several "img" with one action.

Ex : I prepare all the project images into a folder or an archive (zip, rar...) and I upload into library the whole folder or archive in one time.

Then, user can use the classic upload to library (one by one) to add some images to their project.


For SVG, here is my setting : "upload_allowed_types * : gif|jpg|png|svg"
and here is the script answer when I try upload one of your svg into library : "Ouch! Something went wrong - The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed."





Hi Greg, 

svg files might not be included in the default mime types set by CodeIgniter. Please have a look at /application/config/mimes.php and see if you can find svg there. If not, you can add it to the list.