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I keep getting spam using the honeypot so that isn’t working. How can I add a capcha to my form before submission?

by ACallander / July 17, 2014, 1:09 pm

I keep getting spam using the honeypot so that isn't working. How can I add a capcha to my form before submission?

I'm using googles recaptcha:




I'd like to use a nicer one if possible.


Hi there!

The honeypot should work fine (we use it ourselves on several sites), are you sure it's setup properly? Perhaps you could post the source of your form here so we can double check and make sure the honeypot is setup properly?

Regarding your question about the captcha; Sent API only handles the submitted data from your forms and therefor has no control over your actual form; captcha's and other form related matters are outside the scope of this script I'm afraid.

That said; I'm sure there are quite a few captcha services available which should work (a quick Google search should point you in the right direction)


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I can't post the code.. I keep getting a 404 error.


If you're getting a 404 error when viewing your form, I'm afraid that doesn't have anything to do with Sent API (as Sent does not do anything until a form submits data to its API). 

Could you provide the URL where your form is located?


I can't post the code/source like you asked because I'm getting a 404 error on this support page after I hit submit.


Ah ok, I understand now :) NP, we can grab the source from the specified URL.

It appears the honeypot field is setup properly; what made you think it was not working?

LOL It's all good.. early morning here :)

Well I applied the honeypot and I got two pieces of spam and then I emplimented the Captcha and I haven't received spam at all.


Ah, alright. Understood! It's important to keep in mind that the honeypot is not a full proof method and a certain amount of spam will still come through, since some bots have figured out how to mess with the honeypot value. That said, it will still catch a good amount of spam though.

For a more secure solution, indeed its better to go with a captcha like you've done.

Awesome.. well I simplify and make it less users unintrusive would you suggest this?



Looks like a nice solution!