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HTML Builder Install Problem

by DockThemes / November 16, 2014, 12:34 pm


I have a problem with the installation of the Builder, and i cannot seem to understand what is the issue.


For testing purposes i simply tried to add one more element in the "content section" and i followed the instruction and applied the same structure as other elements had but i still couldnt get to the final part.

First of all, my item simply didn't appear under the "Content Section" tab in the builder, and i was wondering mabe i was doing something wrong? 


For example, after "inspecting" the main builder page with google chrome, i have found the "content_section" ID which i couldn't find in index.html or any other file? Also how do i link to my element in main builder page? Input the thumbnail image like there are currently in the builder? 

Would appreciate your help,



Hi there!

Have you entered the new block into the "elements.json" file?

Thanks for your help, Matt.

That solved the issue.