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FTP connection error account

by gdpsred / December 12, 2014, 2:36 pm

Hello, I installed the system properly works, the problem is that I try to configure the FTP account and gives me connection error, I tried with multiple accounts and fucnionan and connect seamlessly from filezilla Client, but here all give me error.
Thank you


Hi there,

Are you sure all the details are correct, including the path and the port?

If so, could you please shoot me an email at [email protected] (please include the ticket ID in the subject line) with the following:

1. application URL and user/pass
2. FTP access (to the hosting account hosting the application)




Hi there,

We just had a look at your issue. We started by turning on "development" mode which will make sure all PHP errors and warnings are being outputted to the screen. The result can be seen in the attached screenshot.

We did some Google searches regarding the error and quickly found out it has something to do with the server's temp folder. It appears this is a server issue, and therefor beyond our reach :(

These link seems to describe the issue:

My advice at this point is to take the matter to your hosting provider and ask them to look into the issue. The simples solution would be to either make the temp folder writable or to point the temp folder to a different location which is already writable. 


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