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error/success messages

by hityourmarket / August 5, 2014, 11:38 am

I would like to intergrate the error messages in the form itself rather than going to a seperate place ! 



The page currently goes to: http://iphonestudio.co.uk/sent/index.php/api/[API REF]

I would like the error or success message to be intergrated on http://iphonestudio.co.uk/contact 


I'm afraid that's not possible with API as is. The only way you could do this is by implementing some sort of Ajax solution on your form page, however this would separate from the API (you'd need to write some Javascript to submit the form over Ajax and display the response message on your page). If you're not comfortable coding yourself, I would suggest hiring a developer to do this for you (using Envato Studio for example).

I understand why its written this way so that youe branding is on the success and error pages. I have someone who will re-write it so that it works the way I want ! 


Thanks anayway ! 




Hi Lee, 

Actually, that has nothing to do with it :) Removing the name of the product is very easy (and I'm more then happy to explain you how to go about this). Your original enquiry was about something else (having the response message show up on the page from which the form was submitted, and this simply can not be done with the API as this functionality needs to be coded on the page submitting the form).

While I was wiring this response, I just saw the rating you gave us... Disappointing, since this is simply something that can't be done through the API (as explained above) since the API sits only at the receiving end of the data and doesn't have control over what happens on the page which hosts the form...

I have removed the brand side of things ! The reason why I am disapointed is the fact that usablility for the user is poor ! I work in SEO and UX design ! There should be no page change and back link click if a user did not fill a form in correctly ! Its not against you ! Its just that I would have expected this as its the norm and keeps the user. I think the API is great ! Its just that its not as flexiable as it could be ! I explained that it was a great start and I would advise tyag if you did add this feature you would sell far more ! It was ot intended to upset anyone ! 





As I explained above, this simply can not be added, simply because the code taking care of this needs to sit on the site/page submitting the form, there's simply nothing our API can do here....

It's perfectly capable of receiving data through an Ajax submission, however the Ajax submission part of the equation needs to be implemented on the site/page which has the form on.... it's a simple fact and there's nothing we can do about it.

The three star rating you just gave us is going to hurt our sales, and the reason you gave this particular rating is that it's lacks something which simply can not be implemented. So yeah, I am a little bit upset... 

You mention yourself the API is great, and honestly, it is... It's great at what it's advertised to do, it does that very well, which is handling submitted form data. There is simply no way we can control how a form is submitted, be it Ajax or regular POST submission...