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Changing table takes 30 seconds..

by globalweb23 / December 8, 2014, 1:03 am

Just setup a fresh databased server edition install.

It's connecting to a remote mysql DB.

Changing tables takes 30 seconds, even if there's only 1 record in the table.

It's completely unusable.


Thank you


Hi there!

Sorry to hear you're experiencing some issues. Could you please shoot me an email at [email protected] (ticket ID in the subject line please) with the following details:

- application URL and user/pass
- plesk / cpanel access
- FTP access


Ok, email sent.



Hi there, 

Just had a look and indeed the tables are not loading the way they should. I have a the first couple of them, and got a 504 inactivity error returned by the web server.

Since this is not an issue we've often before; it indicates a server configuration which doesn't play very well with our script. 

I'm guessing it's a server issue; and I would start by having a look at the Apache error log to see if you can find any abnormalities there. I don't think the issue is with the database itself, or the script. However, if we want to make sure, you could send me a dump of your database and I'll run it on our server to see if anything acts up there.

I have tried your script on multiple servers with the exact same results. Both shared webhosts and VPSs

If you believe it is server related, please run the script on your own servers and connect to our DB.


Thank you


I would, however the script does not support remote connections. I'm fairly certain the issue either related to the server or otherwise to your database specifics. If you could send me a MySQL dump of your database, we can verify this. Thanks!


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What do you mean the script doesn't support remote connections?


The script is not configured to access a remote MySQL server, it only works with local MySQL access, hence I can not connect the script running on my server with a MySQL database on yours. I hope that makes sense?

Well not being able to connect to a remote DB is a MAJOR limitation, and needs to be clearly pointed out to potential buyers, in the documentation and even in the database.php file, on the line where you specify the database IP.

We wasted DAYS because of this issue, and lots of money paying developers to troubleshoot the problem.


Hi globalweb23, 

I understand this is frustrating for you. However remote database connections is a rather border-line user scenario and this has never come up before with other customers, hence we don't mention it anywhere. If this would have come up before, of course we would have mentioned this in the documentation and/or description page. I think you can agree witht the fact that we simply can not mention everything the script does not do on the description page, as the list would be endless. Our team is very much accessible pre-sales, and you could have easily reached out and asked us.

Anyway, like I said, I do understand you're frustration, and I'm more then happy to support a refund claim with Envato (if you want to proceed with this, you'll need to contact Envato support and ask them for a refund).

Finally, even though it's not supported out of the box, it might very well be possible to implement remote connections (frankly, we've never gave it much thought, so it could very well be possible). If you want to pursue this venue, perhaps you could share what issues your developers have ran into so far while trying to implement this?

- Matt

The problem when using a remote database is exactly what the original ticket is about. It works, but any operation, like switching between tables, takes 15-20X longer than when the database is local.

This makes no sense because I have other code igniter scripts running off of remote databases and they are blazing fast even when running complex database queries. Very little difference compared to running locally, not even 2X slower.

I find it unusual that nobody has attempted to run the script off a remote database, cloud databases are becoming more popular.