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Adding New Blocks

by Milutin / December 15, 2014, 9:41 am

Hi Matt,

Do you have anyone on your team or have anyone to recomend to add some new blocks for us… we will provide him/her with HTML templates and all the info. on whinch blocks we need in which category just need someone who if familiar with a process and can finish this work as needed…

If not… can you please share with us from your experiance what would be a correrc price to effer to someone to do this for us lets say on Elance or oDesk…

Thank you,

Milutin Vujosevic



Hi Milutin, 

I'm afraid we're not currently able to take on such a job, due to our present workload :(

Regarding the costs, this really would depend on who's doing the work. You can probably find people to do the work at $10 per hour and you'll be able to find people who'd do the work for $100 per hour.

I would personally prefer to pay a higher price and in return receive higher quality work, therefor I tend to stay away from sites like freelancer, elance and odesk. I have used the Envato forums with good results. You also might want to have a look at Envato Studio.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for quick reply and for all the info. procided.

Ill have a look into Envato marketplace... I did use it once before for logo creation...

Thank you,